MGN Logistics, Inc., is a full service freight logistics company, with an experienced team ready to produce solutions for your needs.  Here at MGN we use up to the minute rating software to reflect the current freight transportation environment, rather than giving clients the rates of yesteryear in an attempt to lure them in, only to give revised statements when the freight cannot be shipped for the stated price.  Due to our large volume, we are typically able to move shipments at substantial discounts.

   In addition to offering exceptional rates, we also offer freight bill auditing and payment programs.  Due to the sheer number of NMFC guidelines, it is often difficult to package, describe, and classify your freight correctly.  By having MGN manage your freight needs, you eliminate this unnecessary headache, while serving to reduce your administrative expenses as well.  In addition, MGN offers customized reports with all of your freight activity reported in either a monthly or weekly statement, allowing you to easily identify your costs.  We also provide a rate program for LTL shipments, allowing you to see the cost of those shipments immediately.  In order to simplify the process even further, our pricing is transparent and is automatically handled on either a per shipment or per month basis.


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