Intermodal Trucking

Intermodal Trucking

InterModal is using multiple modes of transportation, whether throughout the U.S. or worldwide. MGN Logistics is ,

Logistic Quote

Logistic Quote

Every project is unique in its own right, and our ability to handle freight and supply chain logistics is at the very core of our,

International Freight Management

International Freight Management

It is true that a trade transaction isn’t complete until the goods are received on time, without damage and, with no complications.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence allows companies to turn data into information—that capability is where we draw the line between standard reporting and BI

Freight Management

MGN Logistics can help you manage your international freight better. This is done using a suitable and cost effective software solution that features world-class processes to help companies get a more reliable freight management experience.

Load Optimization

Logistics quote allows you to create intelligent transportation plans by automating the processes for you. Not only will you save on your transportation costs, but by automating these processes you are able to allocate your resources to other areas of your business, effectively reducing your total operating costs.

Carrier Optimization

For each shipment, we find the “best fit” from the entire carrier pool. This must include qualification, rate and capacity, but often also includes past performance and many other factors.

Embedded Analytics

Managers and executives who want a quick, daily overview of what is happening in their transportation or supply chain network use dashboards, which provide information in near real-time to help users catch—and solve—problems as they occur.

Carrier Rating

How you rate shipments today shouldn’t be how you rated shipments years ago. Combining technology and industry know-how, our software will take your existing method of rating and transform it into a lean instant rating machine.

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